Federal Relations

The EASFAA Federal Relations Committee monitors and informs members of aid-related activities taking place in Washington and elsewhere on the national level, with the hope that as a community, we can influence lawmakers and educate them about the importance of aid to the students we serve.


Email: [email protected]


Gena Boling, Chair
Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Cornell University


Committee Members:

  • Cassie Drogose, Temple University
  • Mika Lim, Northeastern University
  • Rebecca McFarland, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Christopher Barto, Lim College
  • Ashlee Davis, University of Maryland
  • Melissa Donahue, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Cassie Drogose, Temple University
  • Ryan Dulude, Community College of Vermont
  • Emily Grant, Farleigh Dickinson University
  • Chandra Sakajani, Montclair State University
  • Alex Guiral, Berkeley College

Christopher Barto, Lim College