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Tuesdays @ 2pm EST Training Events
June 7, 2022
Simply Wellness: Financial Aid and Wellness Programming That College Students Can Actually Understand 

For many college students, understanding basic postsecondary information is challenging. Doubly so, the fields of financial aid and financial wellness can be filled with topics that are complex and new to college students. This session will dive into how financial aid and financial wellness programs can simplify their language to maximize their programming.

Dr. Z.W. (Zach) Taylor is an assistant director of admissions and an educational researcher at Texas State University. He has worked in education for 16 years and has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles related to higher education communication and finance. Review his work at Google Scholar.

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Tuesdays @ 2pm EST Training Events
June 21, 2022
What to Know about Enrollment Searches Today.  

Lisa Meyer, a consultant with WittKieffer Executive Search, will be sharing thoughts on the professional qualities and qualifications that colleges and universities seek as they search for new enrollment leaders. She will discuss a range of topics from how to decide when you are ready for a move to best practices for resumes and interviews. This session will also offer insights to a rapidly changing job market.

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