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Understanding and Combatting Student Melt

June 15, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m.

There are some incoming freshmen who have taken all the necessary steps to start college but simply disappear over the summer. And, there are currently enrolled students who have done what it takes to persist, but leave school due to verification roadblocks. Both sets of students are opposite sides of the same “student melt” coin, resulting in lost opportunities for both college and learner. Both facing even more obstacles in our state of today. So what can we do to combat melt? Join us to find out!

Tami Gilbeaux is Inceptia’s Assistant Vice President for Business Development in the EASFAA region. Tami has used her 30 years of admissions and financial aid experience to direct colleges and universities towards key efficiencies in financial aid management, compliance and workflow processes.
Prior to joining Inceptia, Tami served in admissions and enrollment management at Syracuse University. She has also been the director of federal and state programs at Pennsylvania State University and the associate director of financial aid at Southern Methodist University. With nearly ten years of leading and directing sales teams, she has added experience in brand development initiatives and strategies.

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