EASFAA CONNECTS is designed to bring together members of the EASFAA Community in a way that encourages and supports peer interaction.


Create situational, serendipitous and supportive platforms for rich, dynamic discussions and relationship building; with the goal of erupting EASFAA (and industry) leaders, keep talented people in the profession and active in the association and share the passion and light the long-term Financial Aid fire.

Participant Resources:
Mentor Checklist
Meeting Action Plan

Jasmine Samuels, Chair
Boston University
Committee Members:
Sharon Conway, Washington Adventist University
Ashlee Davis, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Katrina Delgrosso, College Ave
Christine Forgie, Sussex Community College
Jillian Glaze, Bunker Hill Community College
Julie Lawton, Monogram
Randy McCready, University of Pittsburgh
Tammi Hussey, Seton Hall University
Jasmine Shah, Westfield State University
Yurisa Santos, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Melissa Vargas, Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing